Cassia Sticks and Cassia Cut

Belonging to the Lauraceous family, Cassia Vera is the stem bark of the evergreen bush native to Indonesia. This reddish brown bark is peeled away from the bush in the form of quills which are then dried and cut to size / into thin strips or ground into powder.

We supply Cassia Cut product in two sizes, cut 8cm (A & AA) and 6cm (A & AA) Cut 8cm AA

Cassia Vera A & AA – A is single curled thick sticks and AA is double curled thin sticks which are more expensive than A sticks. From these sticks cassia cut 8cm and 6cm are produced.

Standard Technical Specifications of Cassia

Color Dark Yellow- Light brown
Moisture Max 13%
Volatile Oil 1-2.5%
Ash Content Max 5%
Sand Silica Content Max 1%

Packing and Loading

Loading Capacity
  • Cassia Vera Cut Sticks
    • 1 x 20’fcl – 10 - 11mt
    • 1 x 40’fcl – 24 - 25mt
  • Cassia A Sticks
    • 1 x 20’fcl – 8 - 9mt
    • 1 x 40’fcl – 18 - 19mt
  • Sticks are packed in 50kg PP bags
  • Cut Sticks are packed in 1kg plastic packets, put into 20kg or 25kg strong cartons.
  • Long A Sticks are packed in 50kg net PP bales.